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rina, 17, pro-fangirl and self-promoter

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obsessed with youtubers, always happy to interact

tyler oakley follows !!?! (still can't believe it)

*once tyler oakley called me talented*

*once tyler oakley told me he digged me*

*once korey kuhl told me he adored me*


*waiting for tyler oakley to give me a nickname*

Hey, tilly-needs-troyeboy, Happy Birthday to you! I hope you have the best day ever and an even more amazing year ahead! May all your dreams come true <3

4 months ago, 28/05/14 | 68 notes
#YAAY #I HOPE TODAY IS AWESOME FOR YOU MARIA #AND LIKE EVRY DAY IS AWESOME FOR YOU #YEAH #HAPPY BIRTHDAY #everyone go give her some love #tyler oakley #troye sivan #troyler
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